VORTEX-HYDRA” Coloured Roof Tiles :

"VORTEX - HYDRA" world-class Italian decorative coloured Roof-Tiles~ Accessories for slopped Roofs with fixing details.

Coloured Roof Tiles Coloured Roof Tiles Coloured Roof Tiles

Composite "Multi-Layer" High Thermal-Insulation Boards/Slabs

Duratex® standard wood wool Insulation Boards/Slabs, 15-100 THK's stn'd width 600mm, length 1000 - 3000mm, surface texture: both in fine and course fibres. Weight: 8.5 - 36 kg./m2 Thermal resistance: 0.100-0.075 m2 K/W Bending strength: 1.70 N/mm2

Duratex® High-Density board/slabs for real "Low-Cost", MASS HOUSING CONSTUCTION :

DURATEX@ High-Density board/slabs for real "Low-Cost", mass-housing construction, Fixing Accessories, quick construction technique,provision for Architectural and Engineering designs "Superior world class technology" . both for Cost and Energy Saving Effect.

DURATEX@ High-Density board/slabtfor real DURATEX@ High-Density board/slabtfor real  

Duratex® SPECIAL Fire-Resistance-Rated" Boards / Slabs:

Duratex® SPECIALFire-Resistance-Rated" Boards/Slabs having 1-Hr., 2-Hr., 4-Hr. rating, Fire-Seal CBRI (Fire Research Laboratory) Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs approved.
DURATEX SPECIAL Fire-Resistance-Rated

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