Duratex® is perfect building material, confirming to Enegy Conservation Building Code (ECBA), India Standard IS: 3308 and international Standard i.e, DIN-1101:BS-1105
Specification of Properties of Duratex(R) – Wood Wool Building Boards:

  1. Specific Gravity:

Light Boards for insulation only 360 Kg/M3.
Denser Boards for rood and permanent shuttering: 500 Kg/m3.

  1. Insulation Value:

Light Boards for insulation Only: y=0.06 Kcal/mh’.
Denser Boards for rood and permanent shuttering: y=0.07 Kcal/mh’.

  1. Bending Stength:

20-30 Kg/m2.

  1. Sound Absorption:

For a suspended ceiling of 2.5 cm boards: 250    500      1000       2000    4000 c/s.
Absorption coefficient:                                  0.67   0.48     0.44        0.72     0.73.

  1. Sound Transmission:

Resistance of a plastered wall of 5 cm wood-wool boards: 36-40 db.
Resistance of a plastered double wall with air space in between: 53-57 db.
Resistance of wall of permanent shuttering with a core of 12 cm concrete: 54-56 db.

  1. Fire resistance (Test according to BS 476):

5 cm board: 1 Hour resistance.
7.5 cm board (12 mm plastered both sides): 22 hours resistance.
10 cm board: 4 hours resistance.

  1. Water Resistance:

Emersed in water for 10 years: No deterioration.

  1. Fungi resistance:

Resistance against dry tot and also impervious to all form of vermin.

  1. Termite Proof:

Termites do not attack the product.

  1. Workability:

Wood-wool boards/slabs, nailed and can easily be plastered with mortal or gypsum.

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