DURATEX® Composite
Multi-Layer High Thermal Insulation Board/Slabs.
CORE:High Density
Styropor or Mineral Wool
Thick 50-150mm Weight:
12-26 Kg./m22 Themal
0.60-2.80 K/W.


Characteristics :


Perfect Building Material,Confirming to Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC),Indian Standard IS : 3308 and International
Standard i.e, DIN-1101 : BS-1105

Test Reports :

* Central Building Research Institute (Govt.of India)
* National Council of Building Materials (Govt.of India)
* Fire-Research Laboratary (Govt.of India)

Duratex® Characteristics
A. Good Fire Resistance :
(1 hour. for 50 mm pre-screeded when tested to : BS 476

(2 hour for 75 mm pre-screeded when tested to : BS 476

B. Minimum Spread of· Flame:
(Zero - achieved Class 1 when tested to : BS 476

C. Minimum Fire Propogation :
(Highest rating - Class '0' when tested to : BS 476

D. Rot Resistant:
Resists dry rot and fungal growths.

E. Vermin Resistant :
is impervious to all forms of vermin.

F.' Termite Resistant:
Under compulsion tests showed negligible damage

G. Good Thermal Insulation:
( K. Value - 0.065 W/M°C .)

H. Good Sound Absorption.

I.   Good Sound Insulation.

J.  Exceptional Durability.
       No Sign of deterioration and coroding agents.

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